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Words and phrases whose definition contains open:   (659 results)

., aboveboard, academic year, acyclic, agapep, agaricus campestris, agaze, agoraphobia, agoraphobic, agromania, aired, airing, airy, ajarp, alfresco, aliphatic, alligator wrench, amber lily, ambiguous, amelanchier bartramiana, anastomose, anthericum torreyi, apple tart, arctium lappa, arena, arguable, arnica montana, assembly, atrium, attic, avowedly, bandstand, barbecue, barbecuing, barbeque, bartram juneberry, bath, bathing tub, bathtub, battle, battle of hastings, bell deck, bhakti, biscutalla laevigata, blacktail jackrabbit, blazing star, bligh, blind gentian, bottle gentian, bounty, bowl, bowl-shaped, box kite, bramidae, branched chain, break, break open, break out, buckboard, bucket, buckler mustard, buphthalmum salicifolium, burst, bust, busted, butterfly, cabaret, cabg, cactus euphorbia, calamint, calathian violet, call to order, calochortus albus, calochortus amabilis, campestral, cancellate, cancellated, cancellous, can opener, captain bligh, caretta caretta, cart, cascade, casquet, casquetel, catch, catheter, champaign, chinese magnolia, circular file, circus, circus cyaneus, click open, closed, closed-door, closed gentian, club, cobia, cocklebur, common, commons, common evening primrose, common four-o'clock, compound fracture, conflict, contempt, convenience store, coronary artery bypass graft, coronary bypass, coronary bypass surgery, corridor, corymb, cracksman, crenel, crenelle, crestless wave, cross-country, cross country, cuffed, cup, custard pie, cut, cutting, dale, dardanelles, dardanelles campaign, debatable, debouch, dedicate, deep kiss, dehisce, dehiscence, demonstrative, denali fault, desegregate, dialogue, dice box, dice cup, dicranopteris, disputable, dissect, dissilience, diving bell, doorstop, doorstopper, doubtful, draw back, drift ice, drive, drop open, droshky, drosky, dubious, dubitable, dutch door, economic, effusiveness, elk-wood, elkwood, enchanter's nightshade, endotracheal tube, equivocal, erupt, esplanade, etagere, etamin, etamine, eumeces skiltonianus, euphorbia ingens, ewer, exchange, expanse, expansive, expansiveness, expose, exposure, extend, eyelid, fae, fairground, fall open, falseness, family bramidae, farmer's market, field, field mushroom, fireguard, fireplace, fire screen, flan, flatbed, flea market, flick knife, flume, flybridge, flying bridge, fly bridge, fly open, forum, for sure, four o'clock, free port, french kiss, fry bread, fuel-air explosive, gall, gap, gape, gaping, garret, gash, gasp, gauze, gentiana andrewsii, gentiana pneumonanthe, genuinely, genus dicranopteris, genus madia, genus mesembryanthemum, genus pholiota, geranium viscosissimum, german rampion, giant kangaroo, go-kart, goggle-eyed, golden-beard penstemon, golden fairy lantern, golf, golf game, greater burdock, great burdock, great gray kangaroo, green, greenmarket, green market, groundbreaker, gulf war, gun muzzle, h.m.s. bounty, half door, hall, hallway, hang on, hare, hastings, hatchback, hearth, hen harrier, hexalectris warnockii, high sea, hob, hod, hoecake, hold on, hold the line, honeypot, horseshoe, hospitable, hypaethral, hyperbola, hypethral, ice-free, iceboat, icebreaker, illusory, inaugurate, incontestable, indisputable, ingratiating, innovator, inosculate, insincerity, integrate, international waters, interpreted, introductory, in questionp, iran-iraq war, jaunting car, jaunty car, jaw, jawbone, jerk, jimmy, jowl, keep open, key, kick down, kick in, king protea, knocker, labile, lace, lacy, lance, launch, lecture, lend, lepiota procera, lepus californicus, letter opener, lever, lid, lido deck, light, lined snake, linux, lithophragma parviflorum, lockjaw, loft, loggerhead, loggerhead turtle, loggia, lower jaw, lower jawbone, macropus giganteus, madia, magnolia soulangiana, magnolia tripetala, mandible, mandibula, mandibular bone, march out, market price, market value, marsh gentian, marsh hawk, marvel-of-peru, meadow clary, meadow mushroom, meeting place, mentzelia laevicaulis, mentzelia livicaulis, mesembryanthemum, mesh, meshing, meshwork, milkweed, milk float, mirabilis jalapa, mirabilis oblongifolia, mirabilis uniflora, mix, monkey bridge, moor, moorland, moot, mountain four o'clock, mutineer, mutiny, muzzle, naboom, narrow-leaf penstemon, navigation, net, netlike, netted, netting, network, newsletter, newssheet, nightclub, nightspot, nonopening, northern dune tansy, northern harrier, nutcracker, nutcrackers, oceanic, oceanic bird, oenothera biennis, open-aira, open-and-shut, open-chain, open-collared, open-ended, open-eyed, open-hearth process, open-heart surgery, open-minded, opencast mining, opened, opening, openly, openmouthed, open air, open door, open fireplace, open fracture, open secret, open sight, open society, open top, open university, open up, operative field, orinasal, orinasal phone, oscitance, oscitancy, out-of-door, outdoora, outdoor stage, outside, overt, pail, palatopharyngoplasty, palmate leaf, palpebra, pandora's box, pansexual, pant, paperknife, paper knife, parasol mushroom, park, patent, paternoster, pedioecetes phasianellus, pelagic, pelagic bird, penstemon barbatus, penstemon linarioides, perognathus flavescens, phaeton, pholiota, phrynosoma cornutum, pick, pickup, pickup truck, picnic, pioneer, pipe bowl, pisha paysha, pita, pitcher, pizza, pizza pie, plain, plains pocket mouse, pocket bread, pop, popeyed, ppp, prairie star, precocial, prise, prize, problematic, problematical, procellariiform seabird, professedly, professing, profession, protea cynaroides, pry, pseudocolus fusiformis, public, public discussion, public lecture, public square, pull back, punt, quarrying, quest, raceme, racemose, rachycentron canadum, radiigera fuscogleba, range, range animal, receptive, reconnaissance vehicle, recrudesce, renal vein, reopen, retract, ripcord, road, roadster, roadworthiness, roadworthy, round-eyed, route, runabout, rupture, ruptured, saddle sore, safebreaker, safecracker, sagebrush lizard, sail, salvia pratensis, saucer-eyed, saucer magnolia, scarce, scarcely, sceloporus graciosus, school year, scorn, scout car, scow, screen, screen door, scrim, scrubby, seabird, seafowl, sea bird, sea boat, secateurs, secret, seeable, sentry box, sergeant fish, shackle, sharp-tailed grouse, sheepherder, sheepman, shepherd, shoofly pie, short account, shut, silkweed, sincere, sincerity, skeleton key, skillet bread, sky burial, slap, slapped, slapper, slash, sliding window, smack, smacking, sore, souk, soul kiss, spanker, sparker, spark arrester, spasmodically, splat, splay, split, sports stadium, spread, spread out, sprigtail, sprig tail, sprinkler system, square, stadium, stand, stare, staring, static line, sticky geranium, stinky squid, stop, straight chain, strip mine, strip mining, struggle, submaxilla, sweep, sweep oar, swell, switchblade, switchblade knife, swoosh, tab, talk, talkative, tanacetum douglasii, tart, tetanus, texas horned lizard, texas purple spike, tin opener, toasting fork, tooth shell, tourer, touring car, tracery, trailblazer, tray, treaty port, triangle, trichodesmium, tropidoclonion lineatum, trough, trusting, tub, tusk shell, two-seater, umbrella magnolia, umbrella tree, unchallengeable, undemonstrative, undisputable, unexceptionable, unfold, unimpeachable, unlock, unopen, unquestionable, unsanitary, unshuttered, unsympathetic, unzip, up, uppp, utricle, utriculus, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, vase, vat, veiling, veld, veldt, vena renalis, ventilation, visible, vivisect, vivisectionist, vowel, vowel sound, wain, wall-less, warm up, washout, waste-paper basket, wastebasket, wastepaper basket, waste basket, weald, weather eye, webbed, webby, weblike, well, western skink, white fairy lantern, white globe lily, whoosh, wide, wide-eyed, wide-open, william bligh, window screen, windswept, wold, woodland oxeye, yaw, yawn, yawning, yellow globe lily

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